Ive been dreaming of visiting India for many years and today I am a big step closer to that becoming a reality. It was an email to the director of Elan Ballet (Ritika Chandra) in New Delhi that lead me to the idea of starting a global ballet teaching project. I was very interested in going to teach ballet in places like India and Nepal but quickly realised the fact that classical ballet is still in its infancy there and they have little money to pay individuals like my self. I decided at that point to raise money to help me travel to areas around the world where there is rising interest in classical ballet and to help connect these organisations to the global dance community. I have a ticket to New Delhi and its time to launch this project.

     I'll be traveling to Southern Asia the first two weeks of October and will be joined by one of my best friends Chris Weisler, a former dancer now photographer/filmmaker and we plan to document the trip that includes a four days excursion to Kathmandu, Nepal. I had the pleasure of visiting Kathmandu many years ago and couldn't resist the idea of being in the area so we wanted to make the most of the trip and revisit that incredible country. I am contacting schools and companies in Nepal to offer ballet classes and to talk to them about ballet in their country. Im really excited about this and I hope everybody can stay tuned for updates coming soon.