Hello everybody!

Im looking for ballet schools and companies in places around the world where there is a rising popularity in classical ballet and are not located in cities with a strong history in this style of dance. I'd like to focus on areas far from the typicaly western centres of art or locations around the world that one might not imagine being a place where classical ballet is making roots. Regardless of their distance or budget, I want to contact teachers, directors, choreographers, etc, and see if they would be interested in having somebody like myself come to teach various classes and help in someway to build momentum for their projects. If you have any information or if you can pass this on to people who might know of classical ballet schools or companies of interest, please leave a comment or contact me here on this website. You can also contact me at: bigkc2002@yahoo.com

Thank you in advance for any thoughts you might have! Grand ideas and little comments are a big help so I would love to hear anything that comes to mind. Thanks again!