Almost from the first day I decided to buy a camera and learn the art of photography, I had the idea that one day I would love to return to my home state of Utah and put together a quality set of photographs that highlight the beauty of that unique little corner of our planet.  Ive always loved Utah but living outside of the state for the majority of my life now, I feel I have a deeper appreciation for its stunning geography.  As a kid I thought it was nice to live there but I had my eye on the theatre and the arts, which influenced my desire to live elsewhere.  I was fascinated by big cities like New York and Paris and didn't think much of the mountains and deserts that surrounded me.  I began to fall back in love with nature after living in Seattle for many years and now that I am living in Europe Im sometimes shocked that I grew up in such a fascinating place.  Europeans seem to be very familiar with the landscapes of Utah even if they don't know exactly where it is.  I call Utah my home and yet I see it through the eyes of a tourist.  This gives me a unique way of looking at things since its such a big part of who I am, and yet it always feels like I am there for the first time.  They say "you can take the boy out of Utah but you cant take the Utah out of the boy" and Im am a prime example of this.  The landscapes of Utah are some of my earliest memories and I am dreaming of representing that vision through photos and time-lapse photography.  I would love to take the world on a tour of my home through images to give everybody a glimpse of what made me who I am and why I love Utah so much.    

Utah has three distinct wilderness regions that I would like to concentrate my time on.  Each of these regions has vast open places with little to no roads or accommodations.  This is part of what makes it so incredible.  You can wonder for days in some areas and find no sign of humanity.  The Salt Lake Valley is another but I would like to focus 95% of my attention on the other areas.  The Salt Lake Valley is important but small in comparison and I would spend a few days there prepairing gear and covering the skyline.  Because of this I would need a large amount of time and a variety of equipment for hiking, camping, boating etc.  I want to capture each region in a very specific light and with dramatic weather patterns and a variety of other conditions.  This will require time as weather doesn’t always cooperate and hiking trails deep into remote areas is time-consuming.  One area would be the high alpine regions like The Wasatch Mountains and The Uintas.  These areas, with dramatic peaks and small glassy lakes surrounded by pine forests, will be extremely important as they can offer equally beautiful landscapes to the deserts of the South, but also show a different side of the state that many international people, aside from skiers, dont quickly recognise as Utah.  Another region I would focus on heavily is an area I have hardly explored my self.  The Great Salt Lake and the areas on the Western boarder look to be a treasure-trove of stark landscapes that would delight any landscape photographer.  Ive always loved seeing images of the Salt Flats and I cant wait to explore the aired lands and the many uninhabited valleys out to the west.  Last but not least is the reason many people come to Utah from around the world.  They come for good reason as the Southern half of the state seems to be one big park that combines many of the most beautiful Parks on Earth.  This area is what defines Utah with its colourful rocks and their jagged shapes.  In all it will be a lot of very hard work but I happily look forward to it.  This kind of work isn’t work, its fun with great rewards and I know I can build something very special.  

This is a dream of mine and I really hope to realise it someday.  Im looking for anybody interested in helping me and anything you can offer is much appreciated.  Ill need sponsors for transport, gear, lodging, etc.  Im also interested to hear ideas for places to shoot, ideas on how to get around, best times of year to go etc.  I know the state pretty well but since I dont live there anymore Im sure there are people out there with much more knowledge than me and Im very interested to hear from you.  I want to bring a small team of highly skilled people to help me as Ill be taking equipment and essential gear deep into parks and wilderness areas.  One of those people will be my brother as he's been living there all of his life and knows many of the hidden gems I am looking for.  (See - Home In The Desert) I want to engage in a variety of imagery like time-lapses and long exposures as well and maybe video and other mediums.  This means a team of people will be essential if I want to cover much of what Utah has to offer.  I hope to put together a compelling documentary showing the world all the sides of Utah and why its such a special place.  If you have any ideas or some helpful advise, I would love to hear from you!  If you are interested in sponsoring my project with anything, I'd be more than happy to discuss options to get your business more exposure or any other ideas.  I'm planning to start a crowdfunding project for people who might be interested in donating money.  For now, I would be more than grateful to receive ideas and social media shares, but checks are great too.  Every little bit helps. One dollar or One million dollars, what ever you can spare will be a big help! If all you can do is simply share this post with your friends and family that helps too.  I want to thank everybody in advance for what ever little or big thing you can do to help me make this a reality.  Please contact me through this website by leaving a comment down below or you can email me at:  Thank you so much again and hopefully this project will become a realty someday soon. 

Im planning a few of these dream projects so please stay tuned.  Its a big world and I believe its important to discover its many hidden wonders in order to understand who we are as a people and where we are going.  Other projects include: Seattle + The Northwest | Andalusia - SpainSiena - Dream Project | Road Trip Vietnam | The Faroe Islands - Dream project | Return to New Zealand | Discover Peru | Return to Norway | Return to Istanbul | Return to Japan | Return to Nepal | Oaxaca + Chiapas - Mexico, and many more.