Hi everybody. I have a couple of specific questions regarding crowdfunding for a new project. Thank you so much in advance to anybody who can take a few minutes out of your busy schedule to help me out. 

Im looking to travel to various places around the world outside of the normal locations where ballet has a strong following but where it's popularity is beginning to grow. I want to teach masterclasses and help connect these communities to global comminities. This project is about Cultural Exchange/Travel + Giving back to Ballet. I want to learn about the places Ill be visiting and examine their ideas and thoughts in exchange for giving them my knowledge in the field of ballet. I can convey my findings on my blog through articles written by me and using my photography. Depending on budget, I would like to invite guest photographers and writers to capture me teaching and other things I would miss. I hope to attract people who love to support ballet and the arts and who also what to help developing arts communities around the world. 

  • Which crowdfunding site is a big question as Im not sure which one would favour this project or how best to collect any funds. Its a project to project thing but ongoing and when Im on one project I hope to be communicating and planning others. Each project will take a different duration of time. I don’t foresee it being a monthly thing like Patreon but maybe..... Ideally Id love to teach for a week or two and then explore the country for a week or two after. Each trip might take a month to a couple of weeks to plan and there will be post production and followups after. From what I understand something like GoFundMe or Kickstarter is a great platform to raise money for a single project but I don’t know how they work for crowdfunding an ongoing things. Patreon is much more regular as it is a monthly donation site so it attracts creatives who tend to put out monthly or periodic articles or podcasts. Im interested to look into Drip as well. What platform do you recommend this this type of Project/Projects?  

  • Part of what I will be doing is photography. The project will centre around me teaching but I will be involving my photography. A big part of how I communicate to the world is through my camera. As I want to learn and experience the cultures I will be engaging with, I want to show to my audiences back home the places I have been and the things I have seen. I want to raise money for travel and living costs for Teaching/Photography Projects. I do, however, have some projects that will involve photography only (See - My Home Utah). Im thinking to fundraise for those separately. What do you think of doing Patreon on one and GoFundMe or Kickstarter on the other? That will take a tremendous amount of work and I don't want my donors to get confused or spread my self too thin. Do you think its a good idea to try to mix them or should I just go full speed on giving back to ballet and keep photography as a little side hobby? 

  • How to select locations to teach and how transparent do I need to be about my itinerary? Some schools/companies have enough money to pay for my travels/housing/fee. Some have only enough to pay my fee and others have nothing. I want to teach in many places whether they have money or not and Id also like to make a living outside of what I can crowdfund. How can I separate these in the eyes of my donors and how will I select places for my projects? I don't want to open up peoples finical books but I would feel an obligation to the donors to spend the money on places that really can't afford it. 





Thank you so much!