Casey Herd in The Dutch National Ballet's production of La Bayadère. Photo by Angela Sterling

Casey Herd in The Dutch National Ballet's production of La Bayadère. Photo by Angela Sterling

When I was a child, it seemed most big stars in the ballet world came from places like Europe and North America with a few from other places like Japan, Cuba and Argentina. Nowadays the talent pool has expanded, and more and more big names are coming from countries like China, Mexico, Brazil, South Korea and many more. There is an expansion underway due to globalization that seems like it will only continue and fuel the exposure to, and the passion for, international arts like ballet.  More and more dancers are coming from a wider range of ethnic, racial and religious backgrounds. As ballet expands it is changing, and I want to look at what these forces are and bring their stories global audiences. Ballet already speaks to people on a profound level, but imagine the level of engagement when people all over the world see ballet as something that represents them. How will they feel when ballet becomes something attainable? I believe this is the beginning towards ballet becoming a truly global art form that welcomes all to take part and engage with dance and art lovers all over the world.

Since retiring from ballet I’ve felt the need to give something back to an art form that gave me so much. Starting ballet as a child gave me a sense of purpose and a community of people that I identified with and who supported me. Ballet was a dream that I was helped to accomplish, and I want to help as many people as I can to feel the incredible amount of fulfillment that I did in setting goals and reaching them. Spreading the joy of dance as a means of having fun as well as training dancers to become a professional is how I believe I can find my place in this art form beyond my years of dancing. I want to help build future fans of ballet who will one day support these rising communities in every part of the world and continue to “pay it forward.”

Come join the adventure and discover how classical ballet is rising in every corner of our planet:



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