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There is nothing in this world I love more than to travel to fascinating places with friends and family. What could be better than to share the experience of travel with people who you care about and who can make that trip so much more memorable? Im off to Paris to meet up with my sister Breanna and my aunt Lisa! This trip will be special even for a European adventure with family as Paris is particularly  memorable  for me. Not only is it a spectacularly wonderful city that will exceed your expectations but for me it was my first trip outside The United States. I was 18 and off to the Paris International Ballet Competition. I had always dreamt of one day visiting Paris and when I got there it was like a dream. I fell in love and I have loved every tip to that city ever since. Sadly I really don't have much photography from any of those trips. The one time I went to get photos the weather wasn't on my side and it was a fast weekend. I still had a great time but as a travel photographer who loves Paris as much as I do, to not have any decent images has been kind of a shame. Well Its time to fix that as Ill have three full days to enjoy and hopefully a bit more experience. after that we'll head up to Normandy to explore some D-Day sights and see the Bayeux Tapestry. It will be a great trip no matter what and my sister is bringing her camera and tripod along as well. I cant wait to see what I get and Ill post the images as soon as possible. 

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Florence 2016

My brother Kelly and brother-in-law Rob with my sister Breanna, when they came to visit me in Amsterdam and we all went together to Florence and Cinque Terre, Italy.