Everybody who knows me knows I love Italy.  Well why not?  Everybody loves Italy and for good reason.  This country is world renowned for being the place to be for romantic getaways, history adventures, art lovers, fashionistas, adrenalin junkies and so many more.  We all have our thing and for me Italy has it in a big way!  Italy apparently has more UNESCO world heritage sites than any other country.  The iconic structures and great works of art in this country are almost on every street corner.  There are random little churches in obscure little towns in Italy that in most other countries would be national treasures.  Italy is so full of jaw dropping sights, one might get a slight case of shell-shock.  It is almost like a bonbon, the flavour is so potent and at first its amazing but it can overwhelm you quickly.  Luckily Italy has such a variety of flavours that your palette won't get over saturated very quickly.  You can go from gorgeous medieval hill-top towns to stunning beaches and then into high alpine mountains before finishing up with some Roman or Greek ruins all while enjoy the latest fashion trends.  It is no wonder I seem to keep going back.  The country that made me decide to get into photography keeps me coming back for more time and time again.