When I think of a country a certain variety of colours come to mind. For many people memories of places are often associated with a group of smells or sounds or any mixture of things that stimulate the senses. For me it is the same, but being a photographer I feel very tuned into colours that remind me of what I saw as I ventured through whatever region or country or city. If there was one country on our planet that seemed to pop with every colour imaginable it would be Mexico. Mexico has very distinct sounds and smells as well as tastes and feels but the colours are what captures my attention and in a big way. I love this county! Ive traveled to Mexico on 4 separate occasions and the more I see, the more I want to see. I am still discovering things and places that seem to defy the imagination. Whether you are into food, music, architecture, nature or urban scenes, this country has it all. Some people ask me if I'm scared by its reputation for being extremely dangerous and I can't say that its not, but I can say that its not as bad as what you see in the media. Mexican people are often the nicest and most hospitable people Ive ever met. How they can be so kind and open as well as ruthless and dangerous is beyond me but I will not stop traveling there. There is just to much beauty and love to experience. Mexico is just too special of a place to not explore its deferent fasets. If there was one country that encompasses all the colours of the rainbow it would be Mexico.